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What Is Radiation Therapy?

Radiation therapy is a treatment method employed by expert medical practitioners to kill cancer cells in the human body. This method employs the use of beams that dispense intense energy. Radiation therapy is often performed using the standard X-rays; however, other sources of energy such as protons can be used to achieve this treatment. The term radiation therapy is commonly regarded as external beam therapy while treating cancer patients. During the treatment session, the high-energy radiation beam is pointed to the affected body parts while the beam kills the cancer cells through the energy dissipated on the patient’s body. Aside from this treatment method, another form of treatment can be referred to as brachytherapy which is achieved by placing the radiation inside the patient’s body.

When And How It Is Given

Way above half of individuals living with cancer are treated with radiation therapy, as it is a known method proven to be effective. Besides, just about every type of cancer can be treated with this treatment method, while it is also effective and excellent in treating some noncancerous tumors in the patient’s body. Generally, your radiation oncologist might advise you to opt for radiation therapy during the stages of your cancer treatment based on several reasons and experience from past patients. The reasons might include

  • Being the primary treatment to be employed for the cancer
  • It can also be used pre-surgery to reduce the cancerous tumor in the body.
  • To help stop the growth of the leftover cancer cells in the body after surgery, radiation therapy is employed.

Typically, external radiation therapy is performed using a cancer radiation machine that produces high-energy beams of radiation into your body. This machine can be adjusted based on an individual's cancer treatment stage. As you lie on the treatment table, the radiation can be delivered at different angles at a precise dose.

Techniques Used

Commonly radiation therapy can either be delivered externally or internally. The external delivery method is achieved by directing the high-energy rays to the affected body parts from a liner machine outside your body. Aside from this, the internal radiation delivery methods are performed by implanting a small radioactive substance near the cancer cells or in it. Several techniques can be adapted to deliver the radiation therapy treatment for patients with cancer, which includes,

  • External beam radiation therapy
  • Three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy (3d-crt)
  • Intensity modulated radiation therapy (imrt)
  • image-guided radiation therapy (igrt)
  • Intraoperative radiation therapy (iort)

Benefits Of Radiation Therapy

Primarily the benefits you as a patient stand to gain from the radiation therapy treatment are pretty enormous, as it is widely used to treat several types of cancer. It is also proven that the use of radiation therapy by expert radio oncologists leads to cancer cure in many patients. At the same time, it also helps relieve any symptoms associated with advanced cancers. More than 40 percent of the cancer cures worldwide are attributed to radiation therapy, making it a desirable treatment method. In addition, the total cost of this treatment is quite affordable, unlike other cancer treatment methods.

Common Misconceptions

Although average individuals believe some common myths regarding radiation therapy as a treatment form for patients, some of the myths include:

Everyone With Cancer Must Be Treated with Radiation Therapy

Yes, more than half of the patients living with cancer are treated with cancer radiation therapy, an essential treatment method. However, using radiation therapy as a treatment is dependent on the individual cancer diagnosis.

The Entire Body Is Treated with The Radiation Therapy

Contrary to this, the radiation therapy treatment is a localized therapy which means that only the affected parts of the body need this treatment. More so, with the advanced techniques employed, radiation can be directed precisely to the body parts where it is required.

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