Apollo Cancer Centre, Plot no, 251, Sainik School Rd, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Meet Doctor Sanjaya Mishra

Cancer treatment has taken various forms in the past, while some treatment forms are very effective, and some are not. Thanks to advanced research in radiation, which has proven to be a much more effective treatment method for cancer patients. As a seasoned radiation oncologist in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India, Dr. Sanjaya Kumar Mishra possesses more than 16 years of experience handling radiation treatment for his patients.

He has used his expertise in medicine, specifically radiation medicine, as a curative measure to sick patients while also effectively managing any possible known side effects. With the use of innovative technology that drives better patient outcomes, you are sure to be in the safe hands of Dr. Sanjaya through his proven, experienced, and accurate methods of controlling cancer cells in the body. Improving the patient’s quality of life through targeted treatment by killing the cancer cells while all other body organs are being protected makes the core approach that he uses.

The primary reason why radiation therapy is effective and adopted worldwide is that it gives outpatients to visit the hospital on a short visit; while they continue with their daily activities. His specialization and expertise in personalizing patient’s health care and family support are essential to help the family maintain positive environments during the patient’s treatment.

Continuous communications with the patient’s family member based on individual cases have been the watchword of his career over time. As a skilled radiation specialist, he is renowned for his expertise in radiation therapy by using industry-certified techniques such as deep inspiration breath-hold radiotherapy, IMRT, Brachytherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy to treat cancer patients. Besides being a social entrepreneur who values his patient’s overall wellbeing, he is famous for being accessible 24x7 while giving out quality time with his patients.

Dr. Sanjaya Kumar Mishra holds an outstanding record in creating a positive environment for his patients through counseling detailing the importance of nutrition during cancer treatment, pre-treatment nutritional support, post-treatment management/recovery.

The complication that comes with cancer treatment requires several branches of medicine. As a radiation oncologist, he has treated multiple patients and designed a flexible treatment solution for patients in their circumstances. In addition, as a senior consultant who has several publications in international journals, he has been a forerunner in cancer care, while his contribution has been recognized over time. Providing a cancer health care solution as the foremost radiation oncologist in India, he stands tops with his achievements. He is continually determined to ensure that his patients get the most innovative cancer treatment. Besides, his exceptional work ethic brings the highest quality of care to patients cases he handles.